Swift Analytical Ltd recently supplied a CellDynamics W8 Physical Cytometer to The Leeds Institute of Medical Research. The acquisition was led by Dr Lucy Stead, who heads one of the UK’s leading groups in brain cancer (glioblastoma) research. The group aims to understand how different

11 November 2020 swift 0 Comments

With the ever increasing prevalence of neurodegenerative disorders, having biologically relevant in vitro neuronal models to advance research and drug development is more important than ever. With Biopixlar, it is possible to print customized patterns of primary neurons directly in culture media, providing a powerful new

10 November 2020 swift 0 Comments

In a scientific article published today in Scientific Reports, researchers at Fluicell AB in collaboration with Cellectricon AB and Karolinska Institutet, demonstrate generation of complex 3D biological tissues using the single-cell bioprinting platform Biopixlar.  The paper present new and exciting possibilities for Biopixlar®-printed tissues to be used