Lyo Solutions

Apto-Gen Lyo Solutions range is comprised of high-quality molecular reagents that can be directly freeze-dried, without the need for additional excipients, into water-soluble and ambient-temperature stable pellets or beads.

Lyo Solutions have been designed and optimized for:

  • – detection of low copy number targets
  • – complex and problematic samples
  • – for integration into molecular diagnostic devices

Apto-Gen Lyo Solutions are formulated for use with dual-labelled hydrolysis probes and are compatible with fast cycling conditions.


Lyo-Compatible Enzymes & Reagents

Apto-Gen Enzyme and Reagent Solutions are developed using our stringent manufacturing processes to offer consistently high purity and precision enzymes and reagents.

These solutions are comprised of polymerases, enzyme co-factors and master mix reagents for highly sensitive and reproducible qPCR and RT-qPCR detection of multiplex DNA and RNA targets.

Enzyme and Reagent Solutions are available in bespoke formats to facilitate user workflow requirements and test optimization. With ultra-low residual DNA content, our enzymes are ideally suited for the clinical detection of bacterial and fungal pathogens and the identification of biological contaminants in food and environmental samples.