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The importance of reagent selection for developing diagnostic kits


This is an online event. To attend, please register on Swift Analytical and BLIRT invite you to join our joint webinar entitled “The importance of reagent selection for developing high performance diagnostic kits”. In this webinar you will • Learn how to develop your diagnostic kit, choosing the best reagents • Determine how to […]

Spheroids: the most important 3D cell culture tool in life science research


• Science becomes clinical reality. The link between cell culture and cell therapy of the fu-ture.
• What are spheroids/organoids and the potential and capacity of 3D cell culture for future clinical application
• How to get out most of your experimental setup
• The translational roadmap of customized spheroids for patients - from the bench to the bed - obstacles and promises

Networking matters: Connecting cells into 3D spheroids and their potential in research and pre-clinical applications


The standardization of 3D in vitro model systems in cancer and stem cell research as well as in pharmaceutical applications is an indispensable process due to their potential to resemble the in vivo environment more properly than common 2D systems. Traditional 2D cell cultures offer only restricted cell-cell contacts in one dimension which leads to […]