Imrali Inventions

The patented iWash Slide Cleaner washes and recycles image based automated cell counter slides in less than 30 seconds.

The iWashTM Slide Cleaner is safer, faster and more efficient for washing disposable slides compared to manual washing.  We also recommend that new plastic slides are cleaned with the iWash before use due to potential contamination from the manufacture of these slide.

The iWashTM Slide Cleaner enables slides to be re-used time and time again. For a typical lab using 50 slides per day, the estimated return on investment is 3-6 months. Please get in touch to find your local distributor or discuss further.

  • Swift Analytical, in partnership with Imrali Inventions Ltd, presents the world's first Slide Cleaner which can wash and enable the re-use of the leading brands of image-based plastic disposable automated…