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Physical cytometry for 3D cell culture – rapid simultaneous determination of weight, size and mass density of spheroids and organoids


With the worldwide need for uniformity in 3D cell culture methods, the focus is no longer whether physical characterization will factor into a workflow, but how is it possible to precisely assess the homogeneity of the 3D sample populations. The scientific landscape strongly requires researchers to correlate physical parameter with those derived from the commonly used in vitro tests. And most importantly, when it comes to culturing 3D cell models as spheroids or organoids, their biophysics holds a biological relevance, thereby representing a potential source of data variability.

Webinar: 3D bioprinting with single cell precision for the construction of tissue and disease models


The progress of bioprinting technologies and applications has accelerated tremendously in recent years. However, reproducing the complexity of tissue biology, especially mimicking architecture of cellular microenvironment on an individual cell level remains a challenge. The presentation will focus on Fluicell’s BioPixlar microfluidics technology and different examples of bioprinted tissue models and applications. Sign on to join our free webinar and learn about this exciting new technology.