Readily 3D

Readily3D have developed Tomolite and Apparite to make research in biosciences quicker and more efficient. Founded in 2020, Readily3D originates from a research work started in 2017 at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. Existing bioprinting technologies are slow, which tends to reduce cell viability.

They also have a poor ability to produce complex anatomical structures, such as vasculatures. To overcome these limitations, we created Tomolite: a unique bioprinter, allowing biologists to print an entire cell-laden volume at once, in less than a minute and without impairing cell viability.

  • Features Fast - Centimeter-scale structures are fabricated within a few tens of seconds, making both design iterations and statistical studies straightforward. Cell-friendly - With our ultrafast printing process, cells spend very little…