Swift Analytical

Swift Analytical Ltd is a UK distributor of cutting edge life science instrumentation, reagents and consumables. Our customers range from SMEs, universities, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Our growing range of products can be used across a board range of life science application areas including but not limited to single cell biology, tissue culture, tissue engineering, microfluidics, 3D bioprinting with single cell resolution as well as diagnostics development and manufacture.

Our Green Agenda

Swift Analytical are aware of the environmental impacts of laboratories around the world. Our portfolio consists of equipment which enables scientists to miniaturise large volume assay to low microlitre to picolitre range thus reducing the amount of expensive reagents used per assay. This in turn has an impact on the number of experiments that can be run from hundreds a day to 100s of thousands per day.

Our key products include the BioFluidix BioSpot, the Fluicell BioPen range and the CellDynamics W8 systems.

We are also striving to include products that reduce or eliminate single use plastics in the laboratory. As such we are proud to partner Imrali Inventions as their Master Distributor for the iWash Slide cleaner the world’s first cell counter slide cleaning system that allows reuse of cell counter slides between 10 to 50 times.

We would like to express sincere thanks to our customers, suppliers and partners for their continued support throughout our journey.

Community Engagement
Swift Analytical believes it is important to give back to the community and to invest in future generations. The company staff are encouraged to dedicate a proportion of their time to develop local community, help the homeless and raise awareness of the plight of refugees. 


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