Swift Analytical install physical cytometer to enhance the understanding of brain tumour models

Swift Analytical Ltd recently supplied a CellDynamics W8 Physical Cytometer to The Leeds Institute of Medical Research. The acquisition was led by Dr Lucy Stead, who heads one of the UK’s leading groups in brain cancer (glioblastoma) research. The group aims to understand how different cancerous cell lines behave with potential drug candidates for the treatment of brain cancer and is just one of eight biomedical research groups planning to use the equipment. The W8 (pronounced ‘weight’) is a label-free, non-invasive, physical cytometer for the quantitative measurement of size, weight and mass density of spherical biological samples. It can be used for 3D spheroids and spherical organoids to provide accurate and precise information on the sample, revealing valuable insights into biologically relevant processes.

Dr Lucy Stead, Associate Professor and Head of Glioma Genomics at Leeds says
We’ve previously used spheroid size as a measure of cell growth under different conditions, but this doesn’t account for cell density so simply isn’t as accurate. The W8 is the first machine that allows us to properly assess how our culture conditions, drugs or different cell lines really impact on the growth of our ‘mini tumours’. The W8 is so much quicker and easier to use than our previous approach of manually sizing our spheroids, and we can even sort them for downstream analysis. We think the W8 is going to be a game-changer for our brain cancer research projects

Dr Mebs Surve, Managing Director, Swift Analytical Ltd. commented that the novel W8 technology with its ground- breaking microfluidic based technology will play a significant role in quantifying, sorting, recovering and re-analysing cancer tumour models to ultimately create better treatment strategies.
To find out more, or to arrange a free demonstration, please visit our website, https://www.swiftanalytical.com/product/w8-physical-cytometer/

Super users of the W8 Physical Cytometer (seated, L to R) Elizabeth Roundhill (Burchill group), Rhiannon Barrow and Martina Finetti (Stead group). Standing (L to R) – Azzurra Sargenti (CellDynamics), Mebs Surve (Swift Analytical)