Tomolite Bioprinter

Tomolite Bioprinter

The Tomolite  leverages Readily3D’s contactless tomographic illumination technology to rapidly shape sensitive cells and biomaterials into biological systems, without impairing their viability. Volumetric printing not only preserves cells but also makes research more efficient by simplifying design iterations and statistical studies.





Fast – Centimeter-scale structures are fabricated within a few tens of seconds, making both design iterations and statistical studies straightforward.

Cell-friendly – With our ultrafast printing process, cells spend very little time outside of an incubator. The low photoinitiator contents also considerably limits cytoxicity.

Contamination-free – Sensitive cells and biomaterials are shaped without contact through sealed glass vials, which can be sterilized in an autoclave.

Optical resolution – Our optical approach can define three-dimensional light dose distributions with a resolution below 100 µm, regardless of print size.

Easy to use – Our software Apparite directly imports STL files of the construct and gives full control over object and print parameters.

Design freedom – Go beyond simple grids. Thick or thin, hollow or overhanging, complex organic shapes are printed easily with Tomolite.


Pixel size


Indicative print time

30s – 120s (depends on material)

Build diameter

up to 6.3mm (standard) or 12.5mm (performance)

Build height


Light intensity

1 to 20mW/cm² (average at container)


405nm ± 5 nm (standard), 400nm ± 1 nm (performance)
Other wavelengths upon request

Maximum rotation speed

> 60°/s

Container materials

Autoclavable and reusable glass
or polystyrene consumables

Compatible materials

hydrogels, acrylics and silicones

External footprint

27cm x 30cm x 67cm

Initial accessories kit

Precision chuck adaptor for vials
Vial extraction tool