LunaCrosslinker – Visible Light Crosslinking System

LunaCrosslinker – Visible Light Crosslinking System

The LunaCrosslinker™ is a visible light crosslinking system designed to cure LunaGel™ Photocrosslinkable Extracellular Matrices. High power LEDs facilitate rapid and cell-friendly crosslinking and the stiffness of LunaGel™ Matrices can be adjusted by simply changing the duration of photocrosslinking – easy!

The LunaCrosslinker™ is light and its small footprint makes it perfect to use in the tissue culture environment. Designed to work with standard tissue culture well plates.



The Luna Crosslinker is LED-based and is designed to fit standard well-plates, so you can crosslink an entire plate (6-well, 24-well, 96-well, 384-well, …) all at once, ensuring consistent properties between wells. The timing is controlled via a button and an LCD panel display.

Technical Specification

  • Voltage: 12V (Transformer included)
  • External Dimensions (L x W x H): 155 mm x 230 mm x 230 mm
  • Light Intensity at Curing Surface: ~ 9 mW/cm2