iWash Slide Cleaner®

iWash Slide Cleaner®

There is no planet B. As the world becomes increasingly aware of the accumulated long term single plastics pose, the laboratory industry equipment developing products that reduce or eliminate single use plastics in the laboratory.

We are therefore proud to help one of the early pioneers of green laboratory technologies, Imrali Inventions for the iWash Slide cleaner, the world’s first cell counter slide cleaning system that allows reuse of cell counter slides between 10 to 50 times.



Swift Analytical, in partnership with Imrali Inventions Ltd, presents the world’s first Slide Cleaner which can wash and enable the re-use of the leading brands of image-based plastic disposable automated cell counter slides in less than 30 seconds. The iWashTM Slide Cleaning System is also safer, faster and more efficient to wash disposable slides than manually washing re-usable slides.

The main reasons for using automated cell counters with disposable cell counting slides are their ease of use, more accurate results than when performed by a human operator, significant time savings and the elimination of biohazards generated during the washing of traditional haemocytometers. However, the relatively high cost of disposable slides has hindered automated cell counters to be adopted by many laboratories around the world. On the other hand, re-useable slides introduced to overcome this problem are expensive, fragile and still require manual wash & dry steps which are time consuming and generate biohazards like the traditional haemocytometers. Moreover, the single-use, disposable slides increase the plastic biohazard waste produced in the labs.

The patented (UK patent ref GB2562081) iWash Slide Cleaner comprises of custom washing and dryer modules specific to the manufacturer of automated cell counter.

Chose from the extensive range of iWash Slide Cleaner options including the full range of Nexcelom® cell counters, the Biorad TC20®, Invitrogen Countess II®, NanoEntek’s Eve® and Arthur®  Olympus R1® cell counters, Logos Biosystems Luna®, Luna II® and Luna® Fluorescent Cell Counters.

Each iWash system is shipped with wash solution and silicon defoamer to enable washing for up to 5000 cycles. 


Imrali Inventions, the manufacturer of the iWashTM Slide Cleaner, have extensively validated their system with Countess II, TC20, Luna II and Cellometer cell counter slides. Here we only include Countess II  results. To discuss the results of our cleaning trials, please contact us.


'The iWash slide Cleaner is a sustainability breakthrough in lab consumable usage. Instead of using hundreds of slides a week we are now using only a few. This means savings in cost and helping to save the planet.

The slides come completely clean after washing and are like new, so there is no adverse effect on data at all.'

Rebecca Gresham, Barts Cancer Institute, UK

'The innovative iWash Slide Cleaner has integrated into our cell culture workflow seamlessly, it is easy to use and adopted well by researchers. There is minimal maintenance, uses minimal bench space and helps towards our sustainable targets. The cost benefits by reusing slides allows our funding to go further, as well as being eco-friendly'

Vipul Bhakta, Queens University London, UK


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