BIOFLOAT FLEX coating solution

BIOFLOAT FLEX coating solution

  • ✓  Highly cell-repellent coating solution
  • ✓  Applicable to different plastic surfaces 

  • ✓  Very easy coating process

  • ✓  No chemical reactions

  • ✓  Rapid surface passivation

  • ✓  Storage at room temperature

  • ✓  Scratch-resistant coating

  • ✓  Outperforms existing solutions for blocking and ultra-low attachment



Self-coating solution for 3D cell culture consumables

The BIOFLOAT™ FLEX coating solution guarantees the creation of surfaces without unspecific protein or cell binding.

BIOFLOAT FLEX™ is a convenient and flexible solution for your protein and cell culture assays. It works on a broad range of materials, including pastic and glass, without complicated coating procedure. One pipetting step is sufficient to obtain full surface passivation in the nanometer scale without alteration of the geometry of the substrate. Moreover, the integrity of the inert surface is not influenced by cell culture media. Cell culture plates coated with BIOFLOAT™ FLEX are highly cell-repellent and rapidly induce the formation of highly uniform spheroids within just a few hours, saving you valuable time during your experiments.

Quick: BIOFLOAT™ FLEX coating rapidly adsorbs to the cell plate surface without the need for surface preparation.
Stable: BIOFLOAT™ FLEX coating is highly scratch-resistant and robust against media components.
Inert: BIOFLOAT™ FLEX coating avoids unspecific surface binding of proteins and cells.

– 60 mL per bottle –

Available for research use only



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