TopView Camera

TopView Camera

Camera based dispenser alignment and easy documentation of your process



Our TopView Camera provides several features to improve your workflow and process documentation.
With our dispense-on-target function you can select a discrete position on your substrate on which you want to deposit your pico-, nano- or microliter droplets. This helps for example if you need to dispense onto tissue sections, where it is important not to dispense on certain structures like blood vessels or similar. Simply move the dispenser to the correct position and make sure you deposit each droplet exactly where it is supposed to be.

For applications and processes that require highly accurate positioning accuracy of the dispensed droplets the TopView camera can be used for fiducial alignment. Thus it ensures that your droplets hit the right spots relative to your substrate position.

Finally, the TopView camera can be used to capture images of the deposited droplets after you ran your dispensing process. For example for microwell plate applications it will take pictures of each well after dispensing into it. These images will be saved in a directory that can be chosen freely by the user. This information can be used for QA documentation or for further image processing if required.


Resolution 5MP | 2592 x 1944 px
Power supply 5 V | USB
Interface USB
Weight 200 gr