SmartDrop Stroboscopic Camera

SmartDrop Stroboscopic Camera

Dedicate more time to your production



The SmartDrop System improves your dispensing applications and workflows in many ways.
First of all it makes life much easier for the user, since it eliminates the need of manually searching the correct dispensing parameters. So, the handling of SiJet PicoDispensers and PipeJet NanoDispensers becomes much more convenient.

Even more important is the fact that you save lots of time during the system setup. That allows you to dedicate more time to the real production rather than wasting it with the tedious manual adjustment of the right dispensing parameters.

The SmartDrop System will do all that for you. Simply tell our Control Software the desired single droplet volume for each dispensing channel and the system will automatically adjust the dispensing channel to the target volume within seconds.

Images of the dispensed droplets are captured by the SmartDrop System. These images will then be processed in our software, which checks for the presence of a droplet, its volume, its velocity and even checks for unwanted satellite droplets.

Based on a sophisticated algorithm, the generated data will lead to an automated adjustment of the dispensing parameters, which will directly be transferred to the dispensing channel through the BioFluidix Control ElectroniX. This loop will be repeated until a satellite free droplet with the correct volume is being dispensed. When that is the case, the automatically determined dispensing parameters are set and the system will verify the stability of these parameters by dispensing multiple droplets with that set of parameters. This way we ensure that the settings are correct and stable and will improve your dispensing results.

All that is done within seconds.


Camera resolution 1.3 MP | 1280 x 1024 px
Image capturing frequency up to 30 Hz*
Detectable volume range 0.1 - 1000 nl**
Repeatability of measurement < 0.1 % - 1 %
Dispensing module compatability SiJet PicoDispenser
PipeJet NanoDispenser
Interfaces IN:
Control ElectroniX
LED Power
Trigger (5 - 24 V)

USB 3.0

*Depending on PC performance | **Depending on camera objective