Pressure Controlled Reservoir – PCR

Pressure Controlled Reservoir – PCR

For increased precision and high throughput



The PipeJet™ dispensing modules P9 and P4.5 can be upgraded with the Pressure Controlled Reservoir to maximize the dispensing accuracy and precission. Furthermore, it increases the maximum dispensing frequency and range of dispensable liquids.

The Pressure Controlled Reservoir actively feeds the liquid to the PipeJet dispensing modules. This makes the PCR the perfect addon for high throughput applications.

PCR working principle

The core component of the PCR is a pressure sensor which is included in the reservoir cap and samples the reservoir pressure. As soon as the system detects a change in the reservoir pressure the peristaltic pump will start to feed liquid/air* in order to compensate the pressure change.

*Depending on setup


Specifications of the TopSpot® D
Reservoir volume 15 ml (FalconTM tube)*
Pressure range ± 50 mbar or ± 10 mbar
IO RS 232
Flow rate 30 µl/min - 30 ml/min
Tested media Aqueous solutions, solvents, DMSO, beads, cells, PEG, THF, Acetonitryl, Ethanol, Methanol ...
Order No. PR 10010-E


*Can be customized


Pressure Controlled Reservoir Datasheet