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PipeJet P9 NanoDispensing Module




The PipeJet NanoDispenser is a highly precise and versatile nanoliter dispensing module based on low-cost, single use polyimide nozzles. Different nozzle diameters are available that enable the non-contact dispensing of single droplets in the range of 1-70 nl. The single use nozzles (PipeJet pipes) provide a 1.6 mm wide fluidic connector that allows for easily connecting a multitude of reservoir types. Just like the SiJet PicoDispenser, the fluidic path and the actuation mechanism of the PipeJet NanoDispenser are fully separated.


Specifications of the P9 Nanodispenser
Single droplet volume 1 nl – 70 nl (adjustable, tip dependent)
Max. frequency 100 Hz*
Pitch 9 mm
Viscosity range 0.5 – 500 mPas*
Surface tension 30 mN/m – 76 mN/m*
Precision/ Accuracy <3 % / < 10 %
Dispensing pipes 200 µm, 500 µm, PipeJet Tip
Usage profile Medium to high duty cycles

*Depending on the liquid used


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