DNA Polymerase Hypernova-RED

DNA Polymerase Hypernova-RED

Hypernova polymerase variation containing appropriate inner dye, decreases risk of making a mistake during a reaction set-up.


Name Part Number Pack Size
DNA Polymerase Hypernova-RED RP232R 200 U (1 U/µl)
  RP235R 1000 U (1 U/µl)

The Hypernova-RED polymerase is a Hypernova polymerase variation containing appropriate inner dye. Use of the Hypernova- RED  polymerase decreases risk of making a mistake during a reaction set-up (skipping the polymerase, mixing the reagents).

The PCR mixtures containing the Hypernova- RED polymerase can be applied onto a gel directly after amplification, no loading buffer use needed. It saves time and facilitates the agarose or polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis preparation.

The dye used does not interfere with any successive reactions (except reactions employing fluorescence techniques). The PCR product can be easily separated from the dye by any standard DNA purification method (e.g. PCR/DNA Clean-up Purification Kit).



- Hypernova-RED DNA Polymerase (1U/μl)

- 10x Hypernova Reaction Buffer

- 10x Shark Reaction Buffer

- 50 mM MgCl2


HyperNova Red Booklet