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BioPen PRIME and FLEX Pipette Tips



BioPen PRIME and FLEX pipette tips are produced in a high precision, low particle environment, using clean room protocols. They undergo multiple stages of visual and solution injection-based quality control steps. The standard BioPen PRIME and FLEX pipette tips  pipette tips are available as non sterile or sterile options.  To discuss which option would be best for your application, please contact us.

The BioPen pipette tips are available in boxes of 10. To reorder, please use the following part numbers.

  • BioPen FLEX pipette tips | Model SWFBTL-1 | 1 box 10 pipette tips per box
  • BioPen PRIME pipette tips | Model SW FBTR-1 | 1 box 10 pipette tips per box


BioPen FLEX Tip Specification

BioPen PRIME Tip Specification