Consumables & Assays

BLIRT (Biolab Innovative Research Technologies) is  a manufacturer of high-quality enzymes and reagents dedicated for Life Science applications. We provide small to bulk quantities and guarantee unbeatable prices.

For over 25 years, we have been specialising in providing the highest quality products for researchers and scientists.

BLIRT’s experience in the development of protein production methods (upstream and downstream), combined with production on an industrial scale, makes us a first-choice supplier for our customers.

Our other product groups, including kits for nucleic acid isolation, reverse transcription tools, and Real-Time PCR reagents are already recognised internationally and distributed via a global network of distributors. Our products meet requirements and high expectations of our laboratory research customers, and their quality has already been reflected in numerous scientific publications BLIRT’s kits are characterised by excellent yield and user-friendly protocols. All key enzymes for the kits are manufactured internally by us to ensure reliable tests’ results.