Business Development

In order for a business to develop according to the vision set by its founders or managers, it is important to determine if the market, product or service is in line with the defined vision. Once this is determined, a strategic plan is developed, implemented and monitored to measure agreed success parameters

Swift Analytical provide an extensive range of business development services. We actively engage with target customers and opinion leaders as early as possible to determine the suitability of the product or service that is on offer. This approach is critical to determine the specification, product, market and what is required to successfully develop and market the product of interest, 

Our business development services include:

  • Managing the product development process
  • Determing the true value proposition
  • Developing early stage markets and sales
  • Formal and soft product Launches
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Sales channel optimization
      - via direct sales through Swift Analytical
      - Distributor sales appointment and management
      - identifying and engaging with potential licensing and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) agreements
  • Identifying and engaging with potential collaborative partners
  • Identifying and engaging with potential exit partners


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