BioFluidix TopSpot® D Workstation

A labscale multi-slide microarray printer for highest printing quality

TopSpot® D Workstation

The non-contact TopSpot® D multi-slide-microarray printer enables you to print multiple arrays on max. 32 standard slides (other substrates possible) in a single run. To control the printing quality the TopSpot® D provides an inbuilt quality control: the DropCheck™- and the SpotCheck™-camera.

Due to the highly parallelized printing technology the device is distinguished for high throughput applications.

Specifications of the TopSpot® D 
Single droplet volume 0.5 nl – 1 nl
Speed 1000 slides / h with one array
Position accuracy < 50 µm
Array 24 spots at a pitch of 500 µm
Substrates Up to 32 standard slides / customer specific
Dimensions (HxWxD) 50 cm x 46 cm x 70 cm
Weight 35 kg