BioFluidix PipeJet® P9 & Kit


PipeJet® P9 & Kit
PipeJet® P9 & Kit
PipeJet® P9 & Kit
PipeJet® P9 & Kit PipeJet® P9 & Kit PipeJet® P9 & Kit

The PipeJet® P9 dispenser is a robust module optimized for industrial applications. It provides maximum flexibility to realize dispensing tasks from LifeScience applications to adhesive dosing.

PipeJet® Nanodispenser Kit

If you are looking for a single channel non-contact nanolitre liquid handling dispenser for a scientific experiment or for integration in an automation system, the PipeJet™ P9 Nanodispenser Kit provides everything you need for a successful start with your dispensing application. It includes a P9 dispenser, dispensing pipes, the R5 control electronics and the BioFluidix-Software

Specifications of the P9 Nanodispenser 
Single droplet volume 5 nl – 60 nl (adjustable)
Max. frequency 100 Hz*
Pitch 9 mm
Viscosity range 0.5 – 500 mPas*
Surface tension 30 mN/m – 76 mN/m*
Precision/ Accuracy <3 % / < 10 %
Dispensing pipes 200 µm, 500 µm, PipeJet Tip
Usage profile Medium to high duty cycles


*Depending on the liquid used