BioFluidix PipeJet® Dispensing pipes & Tips

PipeJet® Dispensing pipes & Tips

All parts being in contact with the liquids are chemically inert and made from USP class VI certified materials. The dispensing pipes can be washed, plasma-treated and sterilized.

Dispensing pipes

PipeJet® dispensing pipes are made from extremely thin and robust material that is insensitive to media and temperature. Pipes of different length and cross section are integrated into 1.59 mm PEEK nipples by default.

Pipe Dimensions
Dispensing pipe Inner diameter Complete length Outer diameter Length of nipple
200 µm short 0.2 mm 13 mm 1.6 mm 10 mm
500 µm short 0.5 mm 13 mm 1.6 mm 10 mm
500 µm long 0.5 mm 18 mm 1.6 mm 10 mm
Alternative configurations, including variation of materials, can be made on order.


The PipeJet-Tip® is a regular pipette tip with integrated dispensing capability based on the PipeJet technology. Used as a pipette tip in normal operation, it enables to aspirate and dispense liquids in the range from 1 to 100 µl. When engaged into the PipeJet™ module, droplets with volumes of 10 to 60 nl can be dispensed contactless.

Due to its flexibility the PipeJet technology can be used for a wide range of applications:


  •     Single droplet size 10 to 60 nl
  •     Typical dosage frequency up to 50 Hz
  •     Storage and pipetting volume of max. 100 µl
  •     Viscosity range for nanoliter dispensing from 1 – 200 mPas
  •     USP class VI compliant material
  •     Can be sterilized


  •     Dispensing of living cells and aggressive liquids
  •     Aspiration from and pipetting into 1536 well MTP
  •     Aliquoting and distributing of precious samples: enzymes, proteins, PCR reagents, etc.