BioFluidix DropSense Optical Sensor

For online quality control in your production process

DropSense Optical Sensor

The innovative optical droplet sensor enables a contact-free detection of nanoliter droplets in the range between 1.5 nl to 100 nl in flight.


  •     Online monitoring of dispensing processes
  •     Delivers qualitative information on volume, shape and velocity of the droplet in terms of so called "finger print" signal
  •     Easy adaption to different non-contact dispensing systems or droplet generators

By measuring the absorption and refraction, caused by a dispensed droplet that passes the sensors’ active area, the sensor allows for a detection of droplet presence as well as further characteristics.

Optical sensor specifications
Detectable volume range 1 - 100 nl
Sensor gap 2.65 mm
Electrical output 0-3 V
Power supply 5 - 15V DC
5 mA
Dimensions (HxWxD) 3.4 mm x 9 mm x 65.5 mm
Net Mass  16 g

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