DeNovix Inc. is an instrumentation company that designs, manufactures and sells laboratory equipment to meet the demands of today’s evolving life science technologies. Their focus is on providing innovative products and outstanding customer needs. DeNovix is equipped with the financial, commercial and technical resources to deliver breakthrough products for your research success.

DeNovix offers the DS-11 FX Series Spectrophotometer/Fluorometer which combines fluorescence analysis and 1uL UV-Vis in the same instrument. Coupled with our new suite of dsDNA Fluorescence assays, DeNovix instruments provide a wider quantification range than any other instrument.

DeNovix Reviews

  • "We were looking to buy a small volume UV spectrophotometer. We tested a number a different machines and found the Denovix DS-11 to be the best in obtaining quick, easy and reproducible results with a modern software interface. We therefore purchased a machine from Swift Analytical (UK supplier), who have been very helpful in our interactions. A very good piece of kit so far!"

    STFC, UK

  • "Used the machine for the first time today. Great stuff. Very pleased with it. Very easy to use, intuitive read out and lots of admiration from other people in the lab!"

    University of Stirling, UK